You Will Be Amazed By These 5 Types Of Stickers

You must already know sticker, right? Yes, relatively small objects of various sizes that are versatile, especially in terms of introducing something to the crowd. The function of it is more and more favored by many groups of people. Starting from users of children, teenagers, and adults. Plus, the growing business of places that provide stickers, such as Sticker printing in Singapore

Stickers have many types, and each has its function. You will be amazed by the various types of stickers in this article because each one is very complementary and fulfills human needs in a way that you can’t even imagine. That’s why you must read this whole article. 

1. Vinyl Stickers  

The first type of sticker is vinyl, as the name suggests, these stickers use flexible vinyl materials and are generally durable to be placed outside the room. This material is also not easily torn, and if removed, does not leave marks. You know there are types of stickers that leave marks when you remove them, and that’s very annoying. This is a go-to sticker for you if you want to use stickers that are durable and attractive. 

2. HVS Paper Stickers  

This type of sticker is commonly used in a beverage or food packaging. The adhesion is strong, but it is not suitable if you place it outside the room, because extreme weather changes such as snow, rain, and heat, will make the colors and writings fade quickly. The price is very affordable and cheaper than vinyl type stickers. This type of sticker will be very suitable for food and beverages because it sticks well, and the use of large quantities will further reduce costs. 

3. Foil Sticker  

This type of sticker uses aluminum foil paper. Exactly what you think, like the aluminum foil you have in your kitchen, with a slight difference in physical properties. The use of foil paper is intended to give a shiny silver or gold color effect that can create a luxurious and elegant impression. This type of sticker is commonly used as an alternative to t-shirt screen printing that you may have in your closet. 

4. Chromo Sticker  

This sticker is made of paper type material with good durability to be placed outside the room, at a low price. You can use this sticker if the budget for using vinyl stickers is too big. However, if you want to remove it, it will leave a residue/mark, unlike vinyl type stickers which won’t leave a residue. If that’s not a problem, then this type of sticker is an absolute go-to for your product packaging. 

5. Scotchlite Sticker  

This type of sticker can reflect light, so it will light up when hit by light. It is commonly used on the jacket of officers who work on night shifts, such as security guards or other officers. So, when someone wearing a jacket with a Scotchlite sticker is hit by the headlights of the vehicle, the driver can notice so that it will avoid an accident. 

So many sticker functions are amazing, right? What are you waiting for? Come on, make your siker now! 

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