Why Pull Up Banner is Great for Advertising

Perhaps you are more familiar with the type of large banner that is hung between poles or on walls or other places outdoors. However, there are smaller types of banners that are more suitable for indoor uses especially in events where it can assist you in your booth and attract people to come and approach you. It is called a pull up or standee banner. Sometimes, a pull up banner is known as roll up banner, retractable banner, or standee banner. Same as the more popular PVC banner, a pull up banner’s main job is to advertise and provide information to anyone who sees it. It’s just that a pull up banner is usually a lot smaller and it uses different materials from an outdoor PVC banner.

It is a banner that is best used in exhibitions, shows, business seminars, and events alike. Sometimes it is used outdoors too, but it has lower resistance to specifically wind because it can easily fall down or fly off. Despite its limitations, it has a lot of advantages, which some of them you can read below.

1. Easy to move

Pull up banners are highly portable. Since it is light, it is easy to bring anywhere you need it to be. You don’t need any special way of handling it, because you can simply carry it on your own with your two hands. Even if you need to transport it far away, you can use any method of transportation. You can bring your pull up banner in your car, on a bike, train, or even plane. No extra manpower needed to handle this simple marketing tool.

2. Attractive

If you can create a good design that integrates the right color, font size, and type as well as images, you can easily attract people by standing out among the crowd with your pull up banner. You can attract the easiest by choosing large fonts and emphasize on the key promotion or information on your banner design. The content of the banner is the most important aspect in determining whether a banner can be attractive or not. The size of the banner can only help so much, but if it does not come with interesting offers or intriguing call to action sentences, then it will be difficult to get people interested. Also, to make sure that the banner appeals in a positive light toward people, try to find a reputable printing shop that provides high quality production service so that you can get the best banner at a reasonable price.

3. Easy Installation

Since pull up banner is considerably lightweight, it does not require too much work to set it up on the place you want it to be. Since its name is pull up banner, you can just simply pull the banner up. Then, the coil or roll technology will be rolled up and support the banner so that it can be displayed straight and steady. This technology also secures the quality of the banner upon transport, meaning that it avoids the banner from getting creased, curled, or damaged in general.

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