Vinyl For High Quality Sticker Printing in Singapore

You can make stickers for personal uses, promoting business or events, or get the stickers resold. Whatever you use your stickers for, you should always get the best quality possible.

As you try to print your stickers, you might face several options regarding the material for stickers. Different sticker materials have different qualities, and of course, they cost different too; some are more expensive than the others, and some are cheaper.

The most recommended material for high quality stickers is vinyl. It is still quite affordable, yet it can produce premium quality stickers that can make your design look even better upon printing. If you are planning to sell your stickers, this material is just perfect for you because you can definitely sell it at a higher price compared to other types of materials.

Let’s learn about the advantages of using vinyl as the material for your sticker printing in Singapore:

1. Vibrant Color

With a vinyl material, you will be able to get stickers that show vibrant and crisp colors. This material can help you stand out more and look more attractive compared to your competitors. Vinyl material offers higher quality stickers that can really leave an impact. If you hand out your stickers as freebies, you can create a great impression upon the recipient of your sticker.

2. Very Durable

This material, although considerably cheaper than some other options that you can choose, is very much durable and can withstand various conditions. It is resistant to even water, moisture, dust, and other impacts that can damage your sticker such as tearing, folding, crumpling, and many more. The vinyl material can make stickers that last a long time and do not deteriorate easily even when it is used for outdoor items since it can also maintain its quality even under direct sunlight or extreme temperature, making it a great sticker material that can be used for almost any purposes.

3. High Versatility

It comes in high durability, but also high flexibility. Vinyl material can be used for stickers for any purpose. It can be cut and shaped into your desire and needs. Since it can withstand various conditions, you can stick it virtually anywhere; walls, storefront, cars, windows, stationeries, and many more. With a vinyl material, you don’t need too much adhesive to get it stuck, making it leave no damage when it is peeled of when you don’t need it anymore. You don’t have to worry about the surface where you put it gets peeled off because vinyl sticker uses less adhesive compared to the others.

Tip: Even if you choose the right material, your sticker won’t come out good if you don’t print it at a printing service that is experienced. An experienced printing is usually reputable and can offer you high quality final product and even extra ways to make your stickers look better, such as with coating that adds an extra protective layer onto the surface of your sticker that can make it look shinier and become even more durable.

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