The Importance of Name Cards as a Way of Advertising

A name card is a small advertising tool that sometimes gets overlooked because it seems unimportant or less effective. However, this is wrong. A name card is actually one of the most effective marketing methods and not only that, but it is also simple and cost-effective. Despite seemingly old-school, business card still is competitive in this technology-driven era and should be taken advantage of. Discover the appeals of name cards below and how you can take the most of its benefits in this article.

1. Cost-effective

As stated previously, a business card is a considerably low-cost marketing plan. In order to get a cost-effective name card printing, find a suitable business card printing service. This kind of service usually can give you a good price deal to print your flyer in bulk or large orders. Often, flyer printing gets cheaper the larger the quantity of your order is. You can adjust your budget accordingly.

2. Personalization

In advertising, a directed and personal promotion is very useful. By handing out your namecard, you are doing a targeted promotion that focuses on one person at a time in a large audience. This method is proven more effective than a large promotion that is directed to a wide audience at one time. Your potential clients or customers can read your namecard you hand out while you can communicate with them, get direct feedback while adding more impact and creating stronger engagement with the sentences your direct to them.

3. Effective information delivery

Despite being limited in size, a name card can hold enough information that is necessary regarding your products or services as long as you can choose the right wording or sentences to include in your name cards. A business card is even more effective in communicating your messages this way because you refrain yourself from adding too much and unnecessary information in your business card. To add more impact, you can even use further promotional strategies such as including coupons or discounts in your namecards.

4. Easy to distribute

A name card is small in size and is light so that they are easily handed out or even placed in various locations that are effective for your promotions. In distributing your business cards, it is important for you to determine a suitable place for distribution. Know your audience and take note of where they go or where they can be found. It will be better if it is a high-traffic place. If you wish to catch more attention during distribution, you can even give away freebies with your namecards such as keychains, stickers, pins, or other tiny items that can leave a good impact and make them remember of your promotion more.

5. Trust building

If you are successful in including a clear objective and goals of your company in your name card, you can build customer’s trust as they read the name card you hand out. Promotional words that are put properly in your name card can reach the minds of your customers and get embedded in their thoughts for some time. This will benefit your company as you can convince them that your product or service is reliable, serious, and comes from a reputable and responsible company.

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