Is a Company Seal Still Worth to Have?

One of the most important office tools for a company is a company seal. Even though its importance has watered down over the years from the legal provision, it is still very beneficial.

A Kiasuprint company seal used to be a mandatory tool for authorizing important documents so that it can be officially released by a company. If a common seal is not present in the document, then it is not regarded as valid and its authenticity is questioned.

Although it is not an obligation anymore, many companies still understand the importance of a company seal and remain using it. To authorize and execute documents of the company, many organizations use both the signature of the company directors and the mark of a company seal.

The decision about whether a company must use a company seal lies in the directors. They are free to determine whether it is mandatory for the company seal to be present for authorized documents or not. Due to the many advantages of using a company seal for document authorization, it is still often used to this day.

1. Overseas Business

A company seal in Singapore can help in doing business with overseas companies. As your company grows, it is not impossible that you will have the chance to partner up with a foreign business. Some other countries still require a company seal in doing formal business. Thus, it is important that you are always prepared for this. If they require you to provide them your company seal to authorize documents so that they can be recognized in their country, then you must be able to do so. It is always best to be safe than sorry in doing business.

2. Appear More Professional

The presence of a company seal mark in authorized documents is indeed no longer necessary. But if it can be present, it will only make the document appear better. The mark of a company seal will enhance the look of the authorized document, giving it a more elegant and professional feel to it. It increases the sense of propriety and professionality. Not only that it supports the proper image that is preferable for a company, it will also help the recipient of the released document to be sure that it is authentic and official.

3. Convenient

In unpredictable conditions in a business, a company seal can come in handy. For example, it can replace the signatures of the company director when they are away. Of course, the decision must be confirmed with the highest authority first. If a document needs to be urgently authorized in the absence of the director to give his signature, a company seal can help in the situation.

There are more benefits that a company can reap from having a company seal. Thus, in this era, even though there has already been much advancement in the technology, a company seal is still very much beneficial. And even though it is no longer a must, it is always an appreciated gesture to try to appear more proper in doing business. Thus, a company seal is still worth to own.

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