Everyone is beauty conscious presently so when talking about beauty hair is what the notable one which accentuates one’s beauty even better. No matter about their other beautifying things but worldwide people seeks for hair salon often.  That’s why hair salon considered as the best business to business registration singapore. But before getting into the process you ought to know about the ground up steps required to set up a hair salon in Singapore. Specifically, why you must an own a hair salon means people in Singapore give foremost priority to outlook. Exposing themselves good enough make them step onto any work with more confidence. That’s why the population of stylish centers and hair salon rapidly developed.

Guidelines to carry out:

Mandatory things one should satisfy to start up a hair salon in Singapore is of three.

  1. Registration
  2. License
  3. Documentation

In this article see one by one process in detail to ground up an authorized hair salon in Singapore.


When you about to hair salon company setup in singapore then firstly you ought to register your company in the ACRA. The ACRA is the Singapore’s national regulator of business entities and other ideals providers. After this do look for the process to get massage establishment licence. Although you start up hair salon business according to the regulations everything comes under spas and relaxation or massage centers. In the matter to found a somewhat larger salon then additionally need hair dresser’s salon.


As like other business, setting up a hair salon in Singapore requisite massage establishment license whereby has 3 types of license. It includes the bound of the opening duration for the hair salon, amount of alcohol products which you offer to your customers and finally then have to make sure about the customer’s age will come to your hair salon. In case the hair salon holder hasn’t any idea of providing alcohol then there are no limitations on the opening hours. Likewise, the Singapore hair salon doesn’t require for even massage establishment license.

Materials you must have:

The Singapore hair salon doesn’t require even the special license but you need to submit a lofty of documents which need to provide to the Singapore Police Force. This particular step wants to sate by all hair salon owner in a concerned manner. Look for the documents you require to have:

  • Need authorization of the Urban Redevelopment Authority at first in the case of setting up business in Singapore
  • The requirement of no objection form from the establisher of the building where you are going to open the salon
  • Will check your employee’s data and their certificates as well
  • Lastly, fortification precaution plan like in the event of a fire to safeguard

Thereby you clearly understand the requirements you should possess with to open company incorporation in Singapore in a stress-free way. Obviously when you satisfy all these things without negotiation one then you’ll successfully open a hair salon in Singapore in an authorized way.