Express Name Card Printing Tips in Singapore

Name card express printing is your solution if you need to get a stack of freshly printed name cards in short notice. Of course, you still need to design your name card as nice as you can so that you can get a satisfactory result. There are several things to consider when it comes to designing a name card for express name card printing in Singapore so that you can be sure that the process can run smoothly.

1. Name Card Size and Color Processing

The very first step that you should do before you go into the actual designing process is to decide the size of the name card. Commonly, the size of a name card is 84 mm x 55 mm. For this size, 1039 x 697 pixels is the perfect document size. But if you choose a different dimension for your name card, then the document size may vary. However, regardless of the size of your name card, you have to make sure that you work in 300 dpi to ensure high quality printing that appears sharp and crisp.

Before you design, you also have to check on the color mode or processing for the name card. You will be printing with printers that use CMYK colors. So, you have to change the color mode in the design software into CMYK as well instead of RGB so that you can get colors that are more accurate when printed.

2. Card Bleed Area

For name card designs that have background colors other than white, then you must include a bleed area for the design. The bleed area highlights around 3 mm thick area around the design so that the trimming process of the name card will be easier. In the end, you will get a name card stack that looks uniform.

3. Don’t Use Borders

It is much better to not use borders for your name card design. The border that you have designed will most likely get cut off in the trimming process unevenly. This error is very common with name cards with borders in the design. Getting it right might take time, so since you want your name card to be processed express, you should go for a simpler design that is guaranteed to succeed.

4. Complimentary Colors

The choice of colors that you make for your name card design is very important. You can’t just choose random colors for your name card. Choose colors that work well with each other so that it will appear pleasant. Try to stick to a color palette to make it easier to find good colors for the design of your name card.

5. Legibility

Since your name card needs to be able to convey its content effectively, making sure that its legible is absolutely important. The legibility of your name card usually depends on the font style and size that you choose. A good name card uses fonts that are not overly designed, and has the font size of no smaller than 8 pts so that people can read everything easily.

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