Decisions To Be Made Before You Make a Self-Inking Stamp

Self-inking stamp is one of the best option that you can get if you wish to have a rubber stamp of your own these days because it is very convenient. It does not need a separate ink pad and it is lightweight, making it absolutely perfect for any uses especially if you need to carry it around from places to places.

Of course, not all self-inking stamp has the same quality. The quality of stamps differ depending on the manufacturer. That’s why it is important to find the best option that you can get around you. Not only that, you also have to design your self-inking stamp well so that you can get a satisfactory result.

There are several things that you need to consider as you design your self inking stamp, such as:

1. Stamp Size

A self inking stamp can vary in size. Some stamps are very big, some stamps are in normal size, and some stamps are smaller than the others. They all have different uses and purposes, and the right size for you depends on the work that you need to do with the rubber stamp. For example, if you simply need to stamp documents, then the normal sized self inking self would suffice. However, if you have to stamp on small area or surfaces, then you need to order smaller self inking stamp. A really large stamp is also available to stamp on certain kind of things such as packages or parcels so that the mark can be easily seen. Unfortunately, not all stamp manufacturer can make all sizes of self-inking stamp. So you always have to make sure that the place of your choice can make the size of self inking stamp that you want for you.

2. Ink Color and Type

A self inking stamp usually uses water based ink and you have to always refill it with the same type of ink so that your stamp can work properly. When it comes to this decision, you can not make your own call and try using other type of ink because it will only damage the stamp and you won’t be able to get a good result. However, you are free to choose any color you like for the stamp. Most commonly, there are blue, black, purple, and red colors for stamp inks. These colors shouldn’t be used too freely, though. Some colors exudes different impression, such as the color red because it is strong. If you need to emphasize on a decision such as a declination of something that is signed by a stamp, then it is better to have the ink in red. However, if you only use your stamp for other more leisured purposes, then the other colors would be perfect and ideal for you.

4. Material

These days, self inking stamps are often made with plastic body, including other part of the equipment. However, in some cases, you can also get a more durable self inking stamp that is best suited for heavy working area that is made of metal. This material won’t break easy and it is definitely a lot more durable than plastic material. Although, of course, for common office uses, it is best to just choose a plastic material that is not only looking good but also durable so that it can last a long time.

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