For any business, success depends on many factors namely the quality of products, services, and many others. In addition, brand identity is also an important factor for success. Of course, a brand needs a unique identity and must be recognizable anywhere. Yes, that identity called as a logo. A good logo design (jasa pembuatan logo) should have the following properties,

  • Uniqueness
  • User friendliness
  • Professional
  • Customizable

Logo Design Tools:

Every business organization has different design priorities based on their logo. In addition, if you want to attain a professional look, then you must avail branding design services (jasa branding) effectively. A logo, you create should reach the customers easily and also should be understandable. Therefore, considering what your business is looking for, you can assess any logo maker based on your needs and requirements. Following are the simple design tools for beginners those who want to create a logo design for their company.

Adobe Illustrator:

Searching for the best logo design tool? If so, then look no further than Adobe. The standard and effective design tool are Adobe Illustrator. With the help of advanced and latest technology, Adobe lets the user not only to create eye-catching logos but also supports some specific features like icons and drawing. Based on the needs and requirement of the customer, a logo can be created perfectly with the help of Adobe’s graphics editor. It is mainly used to add textual rudiments in logos. With this graphics editor tool, you can add effects, manage styles and even can edit individual characters.

  • CSV files- used for merging
  • Puppet Warp feature- create or modify graphics
  • Pixel grid- easy to align objects
  • Perspective grids- help to create sensible depth and distance


It is the perfect tool for those who want to handle individual design choices but wants a variety of logo options to select from. With the help of designhill, you can choose logo design mainly based on styles, colors, icons and many more. It is mainly used for altering the colors, sizes, and shapes of the logo.

Affinity Designer:

Affinity Designer is a logo design tool and has the ability to switch between vector and raster editing process. Without leaving the page, by this simple tool you can adjust the layer, use blending modes and many more. It has become very popular and takes over illustrations to web graphics.

  • Pen tool – help to create curves and fully-customizable live shapes
  • Rope and window stabilizers – help in producing the smoothest curves using freehand tools

From full layer, PSD’s to vector file types can be easily carried out by this tool. It is capable to perform other some major features include a customizable workspace, live spell checking, asset management panel, pressure editor and much more.


In order to design gorgeous and eye-catching logos effortlessly, Inkscape is available free. It is an open source vector graphics editing package tool. It mainly uses the concept of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The tool offers abundant features like manipulating shapes, texts, and drawings. By using this tool, you can create “live” linked copies of objects.  It is mainly used for transformations (moving, scaling, etc.), Z-order operations and grouping objects. Also, supports some specific Textual operations like kerning and multi-line text.