7 Important Tips in Creating Professional Express Name Card

Creating a good express name card design isn’t only about making it look beautiful or appealing. A name card also needs to be effective so that you can be sure that the contact information provided there gets delivered well toward the recipient. Moreover, a name card should help you get remembered by your target audience. By that, you can start creating an advantageous relationship, especially in business so that you can eventually grow and benefit from it.

1. The Right Font

You have to choose a font that not only goes well with the whole name card style or theme but also legible. The text on your name card should not be smaller than 8 pt so that it can be read easily. It is also good to try to build a hierarchy as you put text in your name card design, and pay attention so that they don’t overlap each other.

2. Add Logo

To create brand awareness, of course, you need to include the logo of your company or brand. But be careful not to make the logo take the major part of the name card. It shouldn’t overwhelm but it needs to be placed at a prominent spot in terms of space and treatment in the design of your name card. To make your logo more noticeable, keep other elements like images, colors, text to a minimum around the logo.

3. Make Empty Space

Space in your name card is a good thing. Blank in the design does not mean that it needs to get filled by text or other design elements. Creating enough amount of space in the design of your name card with minimum text or content lets the eyes of the reader rest and allows it to capture the most important part of the name card better. A name card will look more organized that way.

4. Name Card Layout

It is important to try to come up with a good layout for a name card to be effective. Pick proper spacing and size so that all the important elements can be placed at the right place and the supporting elements around it in the right position as well.

5. Paper Thickness

Thicker or premium card stock is usually preferable compared to lightweight paper. It is proper and professional, especially for business. With a thicker paper, you can also get more finishes option, such as embossing or debossing.

6. Check for Details

Before going into the express name card printing in Singapore process, you have to do a final check on everything that you have done in the design. Make sure that there is no mistake so that you will be utterly satisfied with the printing result. Check twice, print once is something that you must always remember.

7. Consult a Designer

Whenever you feel unsure about anything as you try to design your own name card, try to ask for the opinion of a professional designer. Professional graphic designers can notice what lacks in your design and what you can do to improve it easily. The more you learn this way, the better your design will be in the future.

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